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Committed to our military and their families. Dedicated to their success and growth in the community.

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Campbell Strong Defense Alliance is committed to our military and their families, and we are dedicated to their success and growth in the community. We understand that this support is imperative to ensure the region achieves its full economic potential.

Unify – Advocate – Grow

Unifying the Community  |  Advocating for the Military  |  Growing the Ft. Campbell Region

In the Fort Campbell region, you will find a talented workforce pool to pull from. Between 300-500 soldiers’ transition from Fort Campbell every month. There are also talented, smart and resilient military spouses who are also often looking for their next career move. In this pool of talent, you will find highly trained, skilled and educated people who embody a strong work ethic who know how to be part of a team. To connect with transitioning soldiers and spouses, check out the organizations listed below: 

Workforce Essentials

West Kentucky Workforce

Fort Campbell Spouse Employment Center

USO Pathfinder Program